General Chicken Tales

Are You Crazy For Chickens?



So are we! That’s the reason we started this blog. We love everything about them, from rearing them to eating them! But before we get to the eating, we need to talk about the rearing.

Rearing chickens is easier than you think! It is so easy that many people have started rearing chickens in their very own backyard. Hence, the backyard chicken trend which has recently become popular.

If you are thinking of rearing chickens for the very first time, we would recommend starting with around 3 to 5 chickens. You would also need to build a small chicken coop. There are many guides on building chicken coops that you can easily get from the internet. However if construction isn’t your thing, you can also buy ready-made chicken coops sold at various farming fairs or your local woodwork shop.

You should also consider what to feed your chicken. Most chickens will eat anything, yes, even chicken meat that is cooked. To be kind to your chickens though, you can feed them grains, fruits and vegetables. You can also include worms and other small bugs as a treat for your chicks. Besides that, remember to include some dried up egg shells to help your chicken form good, hard eggs. You wouldn’t want shell-less eggs as those rot faster and would go to waste.

We’ll write more about constructing your own coop soon. Check back!